Poached Peaches Scented with Lemon Verbena

Poached Peaches Scented with Lemon Verbena

No need to peel the peaches! Poach them just as they are.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Verbena (lemon verbena)
5 g
1500 g
Granulated sugar
375 g
White wine (sweet)
30 g
Raspberry extract
10 g
Rose water
20 g


1. Fill a pot with the listed amount of water, and add the granulated sugar to make a syrup. Once it cools to the touch, mix in the white wine and raspberry extract, and allow it to completely cool.
2. Rinse the peaches and gently blot off the excess water.
3. Place the loose verbena tea into an empty tea bag, and seal to prevent the leaves from spilling out.
4. Place the syrup, the peaches, and the tea bag filled with verbena into a double lined heat-proof Ziploc bag, and use a straw to vacuum out the air.
5. Fill a large pot with water to the halfway mark, bring to a boil, place the bag from Step 4 inside, then slowly cook for 40 minutes over low heat.
6. Place the bag in ice water immediately after it is finished and leave to chill. Keep the water chilled by adding more ice or refreshing it with cold water.
7. Once the peaches and syrup are chilled, store them in the refrigerator overnight. The skin should slide right off the peaches.
8. The inside flesh should not have any discoloration and be free of any bruising even after cooking. The skin and pit will have turned a beautiful reddish hue.
9. Cut the peaches in half, and remove the pits.
10. The peaches are delicious as-is, without any scent of wine remaining, so you can enjoy the distinct flavor of the peaches.
11. I use this pochée to make a variety of desserts.

Story Behind this Recipe

Peaches spoil easily as they are. Then, they suffer even more abuse by blanching and peeling, and being doused in syrup... Through trial and error, and after manhandling and destroying more than 20 peaches, I finally discovered the perfect way to pochée peaches without discoloring or bruising them