Salmon Carpaccio with Pink Peppercorns

Salmon Carpaccio with Pink Peppercorns

This is really simple and turns out fabulous!

Ingredients: 2- 4 servings

Sashimi quality salmon
150 g
Baby greens (for garnishing)
as needed
Herb salt or salt
as needed
☆Olive oil
as needed
☆White wine vinegar
2 full teaspoons
Lemon juice (any citrus fruit juice, ok)
1-2 teaspoons
Pink peppercorns
as needed


1. Finely slice the onions, submerge in water, drain, and scatter on a plate.
2. Slice the salmon and arrange the onions.
3. Sprinkle herb salt on the mixture, drizzle the ☆ ingredients, and top with peppercorns.

Story Behind this Recipe

The sashimi-quality salmon looked so good, I wanted to make a good carpaccio to pair with wine.