My Way to Remove a Chiffon Cake From the Pan

My Way to Remove a Chiffon Cake From the Pan

Even if you bake a chiffon cake successfully, if you mess up taking it out of the pan, it's so sad, right? If you are having problems taking chiffon cakes out of their cake pans, please give this a try.


A chiffon cake baked in an aluminium cake pan
A petty knife (or a knife with a thin blade)
A palette knife for chiffon cakes (or a bamboo skewer)


1. Let the chiffon cake cool down completely. If the funnel is cool to the touch it's cooled down enough.
2. Put the tip of a petty knife (a thin-bladed knife) about 2 cm deep in the sides, and go around it completely. If there is any sponge sticking out, press it into the pan with your hands as you go around with the knife.
3. Insert a chiffon cake palette knife between the cake sponge and the funnel, and go all the way around.
4. If you don't have a chiffon cake palette knife, a bamboo skewer works too! Since the funnel is narrow, a petty knife is hard to use around it.
5. Turn the cake pan over, and press down on the bottom firmly without hesitating.
6. It will pop out cleanly. None of the sides of the sponge will remain stuck to the pan this way.
7. Pull a little of the bottom of the cake away from the pan bottom to make a gap for the knife.
8. Push the knife in until it hits the funnel, and go all the way around with it.

Story Behind this Recipe

Chiffon cakes are tightly stuck to the pan, so it's surprisingly difficult to take them out. I've had several failures removing the sides, so I came up with this method.