Persian-Style Lentil Meatball Soup

Persian-Style Lentil Meatball Soup

Filled with boiled eggs, dried plums, and meat, these large lentil meatballs are fancy and fun to eat ♪

Ingredients: 4 servings

1 1/2 cups
Uncooked white rice
2 tablespoons
Ground beef
300 g
Boiled eggs
Dried plums (or dried prunes)
Ripe tomato (or canned tomatoes)
Soup stock cube
1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
to taste
900 ml


1. Boil the lentils and rice for about 30 minutes until soft. Thoroughly drain the water and mash the lentils.
2. Grate half of the onion, and knead it with 270 g of the beef and 1 teaspoon of salt until even.
3. Combine Steps 1 and 2 and knead well.
4. Season the remaining 30 g of beef with salt and pepper and lightly knead. Roll into small balls and cook in a frying pan.
5. Quarter the boiled eggs.
6. Divide the mixture from Step 3 into 8 portions. Form into balls around the dried plums, boiled eggs, and meatballs from Step 4.
7. Cut the remaining half of the onion into wedges and sauté in a pot. Add the turmeric and continue sautéing.
8. Cut the tomato into wedges, add to Step 7, and continue sautéing. Add 900 ml of water and the soup stock cubes and simmer.
9. Add the balls from Step 6 to Step 8 and simmer for about 20 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a Japanese version of an Iranian dish called "koftah". You can fill them with your favorite fillings.