Simple and Soft Kabocha Squash Halloween Cookies

Simple and Soft Kabocha Squash Halloween Cookies

Halloween kabocha cookies are cute, but it's too tedious to make a face on each one. How about simply making pumpkin-shaped cookies?

Ingredients: Makes 12 to 14 cookies

Unsalted butter
30 g
30 g
Cake flour
70 g
Kabocha squash
about 50 g
Kabocha seeds
amount needed to decorate cookies


1. Remove the skin and pith of the kabocha, cook in a microwave until tender, mash to a paste-like consistency, then chill in the refrigerator.
2. Blend the sugar into the butter (brought to room temperature in advance).
3. Add the kabocha paste from Step 1, sift in the cake flour, and fold in without kneading.
4. If still dry after mixing in Step 3, add milk; if too soft, add more flour.
5. Form the dough into a ball, wrap in saran wrap, then let sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
6. Shape each cookie into 13 to 15 g balls, make an indentation in the center, draw lines on the sides with a toothpick, and decorate with a seed.
7. Bake for 16 to 20 minutes at 360°F/180°C until a nice golden brown.

Story Behind this Recipe

Crunchy cookies are nice, but soft, chewy cookies have a somewhat nostalgic taste.