Fluffy Jasmine & Fruit Pound Cake

Fluffy Jasmine & Fruit Pound Cake

This sponge begins to melt in your mouth the moment that it hits your tongue, releasing the wonderful scent of jasmine.
A popular variation of this recipe is to use mango instead of apples.

Ingredients: 1 pound cake

Unsalted butter (or cake margarine)
120 g
White sugar
100 g
Baking powder
1 g
Cake flour
120 g
Jasmine leaves
5-10 g
To prepare the day before:
Dried Apples
70 g
(Or dried mango)
(70 g)
Strongly brewed jasmine tea
3 tablespoons


1. Cut the fruits into thin slices and then let them soak in the strongly brewed jasmine tea.
2. Let the butter return to room temperature until soft. Then add the butter into a bowl with the sugar.
3. Cream together the butter and sugar until pale and fluffy, then add the beaten eggs to the mixture a little at a time. Make sure to whip well after each addition.
4. Whip the batter gently until all of the egg has been added and soft peaks form. The egg is best added when at room temperature. If it starts to separate, add in some of the combined powder ingredients.
5. This is what the mixture should look like when the eggs have been fully mixed in. It should be smooth and fluffy.
6. Mix in the tea leaves.
7. Sift together all of the powder ingredients and add them to the mixture all at once. Mix with a rubber spatula until the batter is even.
8. Once it's mixed, line a pound cake tin with parchment paper pour in the batter. Make a small well in the center of the dough. If you are using a tin from a 100 yen store, you will have a little batter left over.
9. Bake the cake at 170-180℃ for 40-45 minutes.
10. It's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something that would make a good present for my friend.