How To Shred Crab Sticks Quickly!!!

How To Shred Crab Sticks Quickly!!!

You can shred imitation crab sticks neater and faster than doing it with your hands! Please give this a try! This is my very first COOKPAD recipe!


Imitation crab sticks
as many as needed


1. Take the crab sticks out of the plastic film. Pressing down on the side of the knife blade, slide it over the crab stick in one direction.
2. If you do this on the top, side and bottom of the stick in the same way, it will shred apart easily.
3. After shredding, cut it in half or whatever length you prefer before using in your cooking so it mixes easily with the other ingredients.
4. An easier version: Even if you just press the side of your knife firmly on the crab stick, it will still separate pretty well.
5. Variation, using chicken tenders: Press down hard on the side of a cooked chicken tender so that it's flattened to half its original thickness. Shred with your hands.
6. Variation using ham: To pull apart a stack of ham slices that you've julienned, hold the shreds with the cut sides facing up, and poke with your knife tip. They'll separate easily.
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Story Behind this Recipe

I used to cut up crab sticks with a knife and shred them, but I wanted to shred them easier, faster and neater! So I tried this method and it went well, so...