Goldfish-Shaped Kingyokukan

A summery goldfish-shaped Japanese sweet. You can make 2 or 3 pieces of 'kingyokukan' (a type of sweet Japanese jelly) from this recipe. For the basic recipe of 'nerikiri' (a dessert made with sweet bean paste), please check Recipe ID: 1927378.


25 g
Granulated sugar
85 g
2.5 g
200 ml
Red and blue food dye (natural dye)
as needed
Black sesame paste (for the eyes)
as needed


1. Soak the ito-kanten in plenty of water overnight.
2. Set aside a small amount of nerikiri to color red. Make goldfish with nerikiri in any shape you like.
3. Prepare a small non-stick sauce pan, or frying pan that will not bleed color into the mixture, then place the softened ito-kanten and 200 ml of water into the pan and turn the heat on .
4. Stir the ito-kanten and water while being careful not to burn it. Add the granulated sugar when the ito-kanten has completely dissolved. (Do not stir too much).
5. Once the granulated sugar has dissolved, pass the mixture through a strainer, and divide into 3 containers. Place 2 of the containers in hot water bath and maintain the mixture at 45-50℃.
6. Pour the mixture from the other container (not in hot water bath) into cups. Wait until the mixture is cooled and lightly solidified. (It's ready if it sticks on your finger tip when you touch it).
7. Place the goldfish-shaped nerikiri upside-down in the cups. Cover the nerikiri by pouring enough mixture from one of the containers maintained in the hot water bath.
8. Make blue colored mixture by adding the blue food dye into the other container in the hot water bath.
9. When the clear-colored mixture is lightly solidified, pour the blue colored mixture into the cups.
10. Cover with lids and leave the cups in room temperature for a few hours.
11. Chill them in the fridge 30 minutes before eating. Remove from the cups and the goldfish-shaped kingyokukan are ready to be served.

Story Behind this Recipe

Goldfish-shaped kingyokukan is famous but not so easy to find in stores, so I decided to make them by myself.