How to Make Nerikiri (Rice Dough & Sweet Bean Paste)

This is a simple way to make basic nerikiri. You don't need to cook anything so it's very easy!

Ingredients: 2 servings

25 g
10 g
3 g
a small amount
Any food colouring you like
a small amount


1. Dissolve the shiratamako in a small amount of water and leave it to sit for a while.
2. Add the shiro-an to a heat-resistant container and use a tea strainer to strain in the shiratamako mixture.
3. Mix the paste together well and heat it up for 15 seconds in the microwave.
4. Take the paste out of the microwave, stir it with a spoon, then heat it up for a further 15 seconds.
5. Mix the paste well with the spoon and leave it to cool. Now you have a basic nerikiri. (Add any food colouring that you like here to change the colour.)
6. Form the koshi-an into a ball. (If you are using koshi-an that has a high water-content, please heat it in the microwave to evaporate some of the liquid away.) Wrap the koshi-an in the nerikiri paste and it's ready to serve.
7. This time I used blue, black, and red food colouring (all of which were natural colourings) to create a slime from the RPG series Dragon Quest.

Story Behind this Recipe

I challenged myself to find a way to make nerikiri easily and with just a microwave.