My Favorite Plain Chiffon Cake

My Favorite Plain Chiffon Cake

For a 21 cm diameter chiffon cake mold, the total time to make it is 30 minutes. It is fluffy! and moist. When it feels fluffy, the cake has been made to the best results.

Ingredients: 21 cm diameter chiffon cake mold

Flour (cake flour)
120 g
Vegetable oil
80 ml
80 ml
Egg yolk
Egg white
Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon
a small amount


1. Put egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and mix slowly at a low level for 10 seconds using a hand mixer. Then mix quickly on high until it becomes smooth.
2. Add vegetable oil little at a time to Step 1 and continue mixing. After everything is mixed well, add water little at a time and mix.
3. When Step 2 becomes pale, and when can see a pattern in the mixture, when stopping the hand mixer, then it is ready.
4. Put egg white in another bowl and mix slowly with a low level (using a hand mixer) for 10 seconds. Then mix quickly with a high level until the form becomes smooth (clean the beaters before use).
5. Add sugar to step 4 and whip up until stiff peaks form (preheat the oven to 170℃ for 10 minutes right before adding the sugar).
6. Add flour, baking powder, salt which has been combined and sifted together to the bowl of egg yolk. Briskly mix well with a whisk to incorporate the dry ingredients.
7. Mix all the flours which is on the whisk too. Keep a little more that 1/3 of egg white and add the rest of egg white to Step 6. Mix gently so that the bubbles don't pop.
8. When it is mixed, add the rest of the egg white to Step 7 and mix gently thinking that you are never going to lose any bubbles (but don't leave any clumps of meringue).
9. Pour Step 8 into a cake pan while spinning the cake pan so that the dough would be evenly poured in. Then stick two disposable chopsticks in the dough until the tip of the chopstick hit the bottom of the cake pan and spin the cake pan 5 times.
10. To add the finishing touches, hold the middle of the cake pan which looks like a chimney and the edge. Tap the cake pan on a table with a cloth spread on for 10 times to eliminate air pockets.
11. Bake in the 170℃ preheated oven for 50 minutes using the turn table. When it is ready, turn the cake pan upside down and cool.
12. If you add less water and add 2 teaspoons of rum , it would color the cake yellow and would make it look nicer.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a recipe which I learned from my mother, over time I made it my own recipe. The total time to make without including the preparation is 30 minutes until you put it in the oven .
I think plain chiffon cake it the most delicious. So I always make it plain.