Very Useful Tomato Sauce

Very Useful Tomato Sauce

I always make a lot of it and store it in small portions in the freezer. it's easy but delicious.
It's great as a pizza sauce, for pasta, or as a sauce for a main dish.


Canned tomatoes
2.5 liters
Olive oil
100 ml
2 cloves
Red chili peppers
Herbs (optional)
as needed (basil, oregano, etc)
1 tablespoon
Red wine
100 ml


1. Crush the garlic with a knife, and add into a pot. Add the olive oil and red chili peppers, and turn on the heat.
2. When fragrant, add all the canned tomatoes. It will splatter so please be careful!! When you are using whole tomatoes, stir while mashing. I often use diced tomatoes.
3. 100 ml of red wine will add more flavour, but you don't need to open a new bottle. Only if you have leftover wine, please add to the pot.
4. Add the herbs and 1 tablespoon of salt, and simmer for 1-2 hours over low heat. When its volume is reduced to half, it's done!!
5. Let it cool down completely, then divide into small portions to freeze. I always divide into 200 g portions and freeze in the freezer.
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Story Behind this Recipe

Buying large cans of tomatoes saves money so I made a plenty of sauce all at once.