Orange-flavoured Iced Coffee for Summer

Orange-flavoured Iced Coffee for Summer

The squeezed orange juice inside the glass looks like the evening sun. This is a carefully brewed citrus-flavoured iced coffee, made with Kenyan coffee beans!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Drip coffee (iced)
100 ml
Orange juice
50 ml
Heavy cream
to taste
Ice cubes
as needed
Sugar syrup
to taste


1. I used flannel coffee filter. 50 g of coffee powder brews 250 ml of coffee.
2. Put some ice cubes into a serving jug, and pour in the hot dripped coffee. Put the lid on and swirl the jug around.
3. If you let it cool down quickly, you'll get fragrant and transparent iced coffee. It's best increased by 100 ml.
4. It's best with freshly squeezed orange juice, but if you don't have it, store-bought orange juice is fine.
5. Prepare the iced coffee, orange juice and ice cubes. The orange is fresh, so adjust the amount of syrup to your tastes.
6. Put the orange juice and sugar syrup in the glass, then add the ice cubes!
7. Gently pour in the iced coffee to finish! Enjoy with heavy cream if you'd like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making a new drink using iced coffee and orange!
I took hints from recipes I found in books and on the Internet.
You can make your original drink using fresh fruit, and that is something special about homemade drinks.