Easy Homemade Brown Rice Amazake with a Yogurt Maker

Easy Homemade Brown Rice Amazake with a Yogurt Maker

My rice cooker was in use, so I used my yogurt maker's warm function to make amazake. It's easy since you just leave it alone until it's done.

Ingredients: yields about 500 ml

Brown rice cooked as usual
300 g
300 g
Dried koji rice malt
100 g
Yogurt maker


1. Prepare cooked brown rice. This is 3 rice cooker cups (540 ml) of brown rice (measured before cooking) with 1/3 a rice cooker cup (60 ml; measured before cooking) of adzuki beans, cooked the usual way.
2. Put the cooked brown rice and water in a sauce pan. Simmer for about 10 minutes, and it will become like rice porridge. Turn the heat off and let it cool down to 60°C.
3. Break the rice malt up with your hands and add it to the pan. Mix well to blend with the rice porridge.
4. This is how it looks with the rice malt mixed into the porridge.
5. Transfer this to the yogurt maker, and keep it warm (If you can set the temperature, set it to 50 to 60°C).
6. Taste it 12 hours later. If it's really sweet, switch the yogurt maker off. Mix the porridge up 2-3 times during these 12 hours.
7. The rice grains and beans will still be intact.
8. If you don't like it to be grainy, puree it in a blender.
9. The result is a thick, creamy amazake cream that has a subtle adzuki bean taste.
10. You can use this amazake cream as a sweetener in desserts and drinks a little at a time, so transfer it to a storage container and freeze immediately.
11. Even if you freeze the amazake, it won't solidify due to the high sugar content. You can scoop out as much as you want to use in cooking.
12. This is the koji (rice malt) I used.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was about to make amazake in the rice cooker as usual, but I was using it for something else. So I thought that a yogurt maker (which keeps the temperature around 40°C) should work too. 13 hours later, I had sweet amazake.