Rainbow Popsicles

Rainbow Popsicles

A delicious way of enjoying leftover fruits.

Ingredients: 10 popsicles

1107 g
●Simple syrup
160 g
360 g
80 g
◆Lemon juice
2 lemons' worth
Melon liqueur (if available)
10 g
302 g
★ Simple syrup
60 g
Mango liqueur (if available)
10 g


1. Add equal amounts of water and granulated sugar to a pot, and heat. Remove any foam or scum that rises to the surface. Once the sugar melt and the mixture starts to simmer and thicken, let cool. This is the simple syrup.
2. Scoop out the flesh of the watermelon with a spoon or similar. Smooth out the watermelon fruit by pushing it through a relatively coarse-meshed sieve.
3. Blend with a stick blender.
4. Mix the syrup marked ● together with Step 3, and pour into the popsicle molds about 1/3 of the way up. Chill in the freezer.
5. Freeze the remaining mixture in a separate container. Mix periodically with a fork or similar while it freezes, and you'll end up with a nice sherbet.
6. Remove the skin and seed from the mango and blend the flesh of the fruit with a stick blender. Add the syrup and liqueurs marked ★.
7. Pour Step 4 and 6 into the molds, up to about 2/3 of the way. Return the molds into the freezer until frozen.
8. Use a stick blender to blend the flesh of the melon, and mix in the simple syrup, lemon juice, and liqueurs marked ◆.
9. Pour Steps 7 and 8 into the molds, up to about 9/10 of the way.
10. Place the lids on and return the mold to the freezer.
11. The sauce that's left over from Steps 7 and 9 can be placed in ice cream makers for easy sherbert.
12. Once completely frozen, remove from the molds, and you're all done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use the fruits I had left over from baking a fruit-filled cake to make something I could enjoy in the summertime. It's a super easy recipe that anyone can follow.