Comforting Caramelized Apple Poundcake

Comforting Caramelized Apple Poundcake

This is a poundcake that rises properly even without adding baking powder. The key is the way the butter is mixed. The caramelized apples are so delicious.

Ingredients: one 8 x 20 cm poundcake pan's worth

For the poundcake batter:
◆Cake flour
100 g
◆Almond flour
20 g
Eggs (L)
Unsalted butter
120 g
Granulated sugar
50 g
Caramelized Apples
Recipe ID: 1913062
Walnuts, sliced almonds, etc. (optional)
to taste
For the syrup:
2 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
1/2 teaspoon


1. Preliminaries: Line the poundcake tin with glassine paper. If the pan has a nonstick finish or is made of silicone, grease it with vegetable oil.
2. Preliminaries: Have the eggs and butter at room temperature. Sift the ◆ cake flour and almond flour together twice from a height to incorporate lots of air into them, even if it seems like a lot of work.
3. Make the caramelized apples and leave to cool. See Recipe ID: 1913062 - make sure to cook off all the excess moisture that comes out of the apples.
4. Put the room temperature butter in a bowl and mix until it's glossy like mayonnaise. If the butter is at room temperature it will reach the mayonnaise-like stage right away.
5. Add all the granulated sugar to the creamed butter at once. Beat with a handheld mixer until it's white and fluffy, about 10 minutes.
6. After 10 minutes of beating, it will seem like the butter has increased in volume.
7. Break an egg into a separate bowl and beat it very well before adding to the butter-sugar mixture. Use a handheld mixer for this again.
8. Add the 2nd egg in the same way. If you add 2 eggs at once the batter may split. Cold eggs may make the batter split too.
9. Add the caramelized apples and the ◆ sifted flours all at once. Mix by scooping up the batter from the bottom of the bowl with a rubber spatula.
10. Turn the bowl counter-clockwise while scooping up the batter clockwise with a rubber spatula from the bottom of the bowl to mix. The batter in this photo is not mixed enough yet.
11. Don't overmix the batter, but do mix it properly until it's glossy! When it's no longer floury and has turned shiny, stop mixing.
12. Pour the batter into the prepared cake tin. To prevent the apples from sinking to the bottom, don't do the usual air-elimination step of dropping the pan from a height onto your work surface.
13. Add some crushed walnuts, sliced almonds etc. to taste (optional).
14. Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated 180°C oven, then lower the heat to 170°C and cover with aluminium foil and bake for another 20 minutes.
15. While the cake is baking, make the syrup. Put the sugar and water in a small pan and mix. Bring to a boil, let cool and add the rum.
16. When the cake is baked and has cooled enough that you can touch the pan, brush the surface evenly with the syrup. You don't have to use up all the syrup.
17. After cooling the cake for a while, wrap it up in foil and rest in the refrigerator for a day. The cake can fall apart easily right down the middle, so handle it gently.
18. The butter in the cake doesn't taste good unless it's chilled and hardened, so wait a day.
19. When the cake is just out of the refrigerator it's hard and firm, so leave it at room temperature for a while before eating. It will be silky and moist.
20. Apples and nuts go so well together. I like to add lots of walnuts personally.
21. Here I added caramelized bananas instead of apples to make a caramelized banana poundcake. I topped it with chocolate chips.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making this carefully without extra additives. As long as you beat the butter well, this cake is as good as done!
The best tasting poundcake is chilled in the refrigerator for a day, then brought to room temperature. The one day of rest helps the cake taste amazing! I think it's actually better than cake straight out of the oven (and straight of the fridge as well, of course) So please chill it and then bring it to room temperature.