Squid Tentacle Tempura

Squid Tentacle Tempura

I made some tempura out of squid tentacles. They taste great with some soba, soumen or udon noodles.


Squid tentacles
as needed
Tempura batter
Refer to Recipe ID: 627115


1. Slice each tentacle into 2-3 pieces and pat them dry with kitchen paper. Coat the tentacles in flour, then brush off any excess.
2. Warm up the oil for frying and prepare the tempura batter. Dredge the squid tentacles in the batter and fry them.
3. These squid tentacles go great with soba, soumen, or udon noddles. Try serving them with grated ginger or grated daikon radish too.
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Story Behind this Recipe

My mother taught me this recipe.