Honey and Soy Milk Mayonnaise

Honey and Soy Milk Mayonnaise

After adding honey, I'm finally satisfied with this recipe. A good recipe for vegetarians and vegans.


Natural soy milk
75 g
Honey (or sugar)
2/3 tablespoon (15 g)
1 teaspoon (5 g)
130 g (150 ml)
Vinegar (if you prefer a subtle hint, 1 tbsp (15 g))
1.5 tablespoons (a little over 20 g)


1. Blend together the soy milk, honey and salt in a food processor.
2. Pour in the oil and blend again.
3. Finally add the vinegar and mix until combined.

Story Behind this Recipe

As I follow a mostly vegetarian diet, I wanted to avoid using eggs if possible, so I made this with soy milk. My first tries were too oily and didn't turn out great, but I've finally gotten this recipe to the stage where I am happy with it. Since this is plenty delicious without the addition of eggs, this has become my staple mayonnaise recipe.