Red Currant Sour Drink

Red Currant Sour Drink

Highlighting the translucent red color of the red currants, I made this refreshing sour drink that also has a nice and soothing appearance. Dilute it with water or milk to enjoy.

Ingredients: 1 big honey jar (800 ml)

Red currants
300 g
Granulated sugar
300 g
Pure rice vinegar
300 ml


1. Rinse the red currants, and remove any dirt. You can use as they are, no matter the size and stem or no stem.
2. Clean the red currants thoroughly, and put them in a jar that was sterilized with boiling water.
3. Add the red currants, sugar and vinegar in that order. It looks pretty when you watch them dissolve.
4. After 1 hour or so, the sugar will settle at the bottom of the jar.
5. The sugar dissolves quicker if you lay the jar on its side and roll around, or stir with cooking chopsticks.
6. After the sugar has dissolved, let it sit for 2-3 days to bring out the flavors. Dilute it to taste, and enjoy!
7. My oldest daughter likes to dilute it with milk since it turns out like a yogurt drink.This milk was pasteurized at a low temperature and it's light, so it's perfect for this sour drink!
8. Children loves diluting it with soda water. The plump texture of the red currants gives this drink a unique accent.
9. I put the ingredients in a jar during the day, and stirred with cooking chopsticks in the evening. You can drink it straight away, but it will be tastier if you let it sit for a while to bring out the full flavor.
10. The translucent red color of red currants is so beautiful.
11. Red currant jam is also delicious! Recipe ID: 209374
12. They are great for a salad, too. Recipe ID: 1905331

Story Behind this Recipe

Every year we get loads of these translucent red berries that look just like jewels, and I was wondering what I could make with them other than jam. So I made this sour drink, and it turned out so pretty and delicious! I will definitely make this again next year.