Easy & Simple Basil Pesto Pasta

Easy & Simple Basil Pesto Pasta

You don't need heat to prepare this and it'll be done by the time the pasta is done cooking.

Ingredients: 2 servings

2 servings
●Basil paste
50 g
●Garlic (tubed)
2 g
●Grated cheese
10 g
2 slices
Pasta boiling water
6 tablespoons


1. Make the basil paste from Recipe ID: 1887148.
2. Cook the pasta. (Cook it 1 minute less than instructed! This is for Step 5.)
3. Slice the onion and bacon into 1 cm wide pieces and place into a large bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave at 500 W for 3 minutes.
4. Add the ● ingredients to the bowl with the onion and bacon.
5. Once the pasta has finished cooking, add the water from boiling the pasta to the bowl and stir. Add the drained pasta.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe barely uses homemade basil paste, doesn't use heat, and is quick to make.