Easy and No-Effort Quickly Made Onsen (Hot Springs) Style Soft-Boiled Eggs

Easy and No-Effort Quickly Made Onsen (Hot Springs) Style Soft-Boiled Eggs

No need to bring the eggs to room temperature beforehand. You just need one pan to make traditional inn-style onsen (hot springs) eggs!


Eggs (Medium)
★ Please be sure to read all the tips carefully.★
If using a large egg, or making it in the winter, increase the time 1 or 2 minutes


1. Heat a pot full of water and bring to a rolling boil. Use a small pot for 1-2 eggs and a large pot for 3-4 eggs.
2. Remove from the heat, wait 1 minute, and put the cold eggs into the water. Do not cover with a lid. Wait 12 minutes. Keep the eggs separated. After putting them into the hot water, don't move them about.
3. After 12 minutes, remove the eggs from the pot and cool in ice cold water. Even if the outside of the egg is cool the middle is still hot and = liquid, so be careful! Make sure to cool for 5-10 minutes it has completely cooled all the way through, and it's done.
4. Gently crack the egg open right into the container. The contents of the egg will roll right out. If you crack it open from a height the egg white will separate from the yolk, so please be careful.
5. This shows what it looks like when making 4 eggs in a large pot (20cm diameter). Make sure the eggs don't touch each other.
6. In the wintertime or if using L size eggs,cook for 1-2 minutes longer This is one of the 4 eggs cooked in a large pot.
7. If there is not enough water, or the pot is too small for the number of eggs, or if the temperature of the hot water suddenly drops, the egg will become rather loose.
8. If they aren't cooled enough, they will become too loose. The longer they are cooled, the more cohesive the onsen egg will be. Ice water is best if you have it.
9. Hands-Off Version: Add the eggs to the hot water as detailed above, then leave the eggs in the water for 3 hours (until the hot water cools down). Take the eggs out and place them in the refrigerator. If you make them in the morning or noon, they will be ready in time for dinner.
10. Try using onsen eggs to make simple, no-cream needed pasta carbonara. Recipe ID: 1860267

Story Behind this Recipe

I already had a hands-off onsen egg recipe, but I wanted a recipe that would allow me to use the eggs right away, so I revised my original recipe. Apparently onsen eggs are the easiest to digest.