Spoil-Resistant Hamburger Steak for Bento

Spoil-Resistant Hamburger Steak for Bento

This is a light bento item that is great for summer. By adding a bit of vinegar, you can prevent contamination and bacteria spreading in your bento.


Hamburger steak
Recipe ID: 675809
Hamburger sauce
Recipe ID: 1738994
Hot cooked white rice
Recipe ID: 1881343
2 teaspoons


1. When preparing the hamburger steak, add 2 teaspoons of vinegar per 300 grams of meat (2 hamburger steaks' worth).
2. "Youlinchi Chicken for Bento" (Recipe ID: 1734809) This also uses vinegar to prevent spoilage.
3. "Beef-Wrapped Green Beans" (Recipe ID: 623052) If you add vinegar at the end, this will also become spoil-resistant.
4. "How to Prepare Rice for Bento" (Recipe ID: 1881343)

Story Behind this Recipe

I add vinegar to bento rice in the summer to prevent spoilage, so I tried doing the same to my hamburger steak.