Super-Spicy! Cold Chinese Noodles

Super-Spicy! Cold Chinese Noodles

In just one step you can turn store-bought sauce for cold Chinese noodles into a delicious cold Chinese noodle dish. Break a sweat while eating this!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Cold Chinese noodles
1 serving
1/2 tablespoon
■Korean powdered chili pepper
1 tablespoon
■Ground sesame seeds (white)
1 tablespoon
Boiled chicken
100 g
as needed
Sesame oil
1 teaspoon


1. Thoroughly mix the ■ ingredients into the prepackaged sauce.
2. Slice the cucumber diagonally, then julienne. Cut the boiled chicken into thin pieces.
3. Boil the noodles as directed on the package, then shock in cold water.
4. Transfer the noodles to a serving plate and top with the cucumber, chicken, and cilantro. Pour the sauce and sesame oil over it and it's complete.
5. Here's the recipe for the boiled chicken. Recipe ID: 1859087

Story Behind this Recipe

Since it's difficult to make the sauce from scratch, I use store-bought sauce for convenience.