Loquat Stuffed Sushi for Tanabata Festival

Loquat Stuffed Sushi for Tanabata Festival

Just scrape out the loquat seeds and stuff with the simple chirashizushi. They make fashionable side dishes!


as needed
Chirashi-zushi mix
1 packet
Lemon or Yuzu vinegar
a small amount
Thyme (or shredded nori)
a small amount


1. Prepare the instant chirashi-zushi mix. Use lemon, etc., to add an acidic flavor. (It's also okay to add some salty flavor.)
2. Wash the loquat well and cut in half.
3. Since you want the halves to be stable, level off the bottoms.
4. Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds.
5. Peel the skin and dip into salted water.
6. Stuff to the brim with the chirashi-zushi from Step 1, arrange on a dish, top with your choice of toppings, and it's done.
7. These ones are cut for dessert. You could also use them as toppings for chirashi-zushi on a large plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

My friend gave me large-sized loquats from Awaji. You could also make bite-sized sushi with smaller fruit.