Super Easy Soot Sprites Charaben

Super Easy Soot Sprites Charaben

Here's some soot sprites!

They're even easier to make than rice balls!


Hot cooked rice
as needed
★Your favorite rice seasonings
as needed
as needed


1. Mix the ★ ingredients into your rice and put into a bento box. Top with a sheet of nori.
2. Cut the cheese with cutters any shape you like.
3. Next, cut out circles from your nori and put them in the center of the cheese cutouts to make the soot sprite faces.
4. Parts Eyes - cheese topped with a round piece of nori That's it!
5. Made in no time!
6. Also try Recipe ID: 1577745 "Character Bento Makkuro Kurosuke (Soot Sprites)"

Story Behind this Recipe

I was kind of busy, so I made a soot sprite bento!