Very Handy for Bento! Chicken Breast Teriyaki Flavor

Very Handy for Bento! Chicken Breast Teriyaki Flavor

This is a Teriyaki sauce but with a sweet and thick Mayonnaise sauce! It goes well with light breast meat.


Chicken breast
1 (200 ~ 250 g)
◎Sake, soy sauce (for marinating the meat)
as needed
as needed
3 tablespoons
★Soy sauce
about 1 tablespoon
about 1.5 tablespoon
a small amount


1. Slice chicken breast diagonally into bite size strips and marinate in soy sauce and sake (1:4 ratio).
2. Coat chicken with katakuriko. Heat a generous amount of oil in a frying pan and fry both sides of chicken until golden brown.
3. Add ★ and mix well. ※The mayonnaise will melt and turn into oil. Dispose this.

Story Behind this Recipe

Teriyaki sauce from McDonald's is very sweet, but the mayonnaise makes it even sweeter and thicker. But I really love it - Sometimes I really want to eat it.
I tried to recreate the Teriyaki flavor.