Condensed Milk Ice Cream with Canned Fruit

Condensed Milk Ice Cream with Canned Fruit

This is a pleasantly cool ice cream made with minced fruit and sweet condensed milk. It's full of homemade goodness, even though it tastes just like the "Shiro-kuma" (Polar Bear) variety of ice cream they sell in Japanese convenience stores.

Ingredients: about 600 ml

Heavy cream
200 ml
Egg (large size)
1 (80 g)
Granulated sugar
20 g
Condensed milk
30 g
Canned fruit
100 g


1. Crack an egg into a bowl and whisk, and add granulated sugar. Whip with a hand mixer in a bowl resting in hot water until the sugar dissolves completely.
2. Add heavy cream to a separate bowl, and whip until it reaches the point where it drips off the pointed end of a whipper (until it forms soft peaks).
3. Add 2 to 1, and gently mix. Add condensed milk and minced fruit, and stir.
4. Place into a tupperware container, and let it chill for more than 4 hours in the fridge (You don't have to worry about mixing during the chilling process).

Story Behind this Recipe

You can make lots of ice cream with just this small amount of ingredients, so it is nice.
It does not have additives, which is only possible when it's homemade...