Mexican-Style Sautéed Chicken Thighs

Mexican-Style Sautéed Chicken Thighs

Mexican-style sautéed chicken topped with a creamy green sauce and red-hot salsa. The crispy skin and the sauces go perfectly together.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Boneless chicken thighs
★ Sake (or white wine)
1 tablespoon
★ Lemon juice (optional)
2 teaspoons
★ Garlic - finely chopped
1 clove
1/2 teaspoon
to taste
Cake Flour (or all purpose flour)
2 tablespoons
Coriander leaves (for garnishing)
Pickled Tomato Salsa (Recipe ID: 1866715)
Coriander Cream Sauce (Recipe ID: 1866716)
Mexican-Style Green Rice (Recipe ID: 1870853)


1. Prepare the tomato salsa using (Recipe ID: 1866715). Can be made ahead and stored in the fridge.
2. Prepare the coriander cream sauce, using (Recipe ID: 1866716). Can be made ahead and stored in the fridge.
3. Prepare the ★ marinating ingredients.
4. Remove any excess fat from the chicken thighs, but leave the skin on. Make some cuts in the thicker parts of the meat and spread to even the thickness.
5. Place the chicken thighs in a dish, skin-side down, and put the ★ marinating ingredients on top. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to 3 hours.
6. Start cooking the white rice or Mexican rice. (Recipe ID: 1870853)
7. Take the chicken out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you plan to cook it, and let sit at room temperature.
8. Lightly pat dry the chicken with paper towels, sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper and dredge with flour. (This traps the flavor inside.)
9. Heat up a frying pan with olive oil over high heat.
10. Put the chicken thighs from Step 7 in the frying pan, skin-side down, and cook for 4 minutes.
11. Wipe off any excess fat that comes out of the skin with a paper towel. (This makes the skin crisp.)
12. Lower the heat to medium and cook for 8 more minures. (Keep an eye on it, and adjust the heat if it looks like it's getting too brown.)
13. Heat up the Coriander Cream Sauce mentioned in Step 2 in a pot or in the microwave.
14. When it looks like this photo, and 80% of the meat has turned white, it's time to flip it over.
15. Turn it over and cook it for 4 minutes. If it's no longer pink on the inside when cut with a knife, it's ready.
16. Dish up some Mexican rice on a plate, and place the chicken, skin-side up, on top.
17. Spoon some of the coriander sauce and salsa on top of the chicken and garnish with coriander leaves.
18. Put some coriander sauce and salsa in small dishes and serve them on the side.
19. Note #1: The chicken is also good just fried, coated with salt & pepper and your favorite herbs or spices, without the two sauces.
20. Note #2: Tomato-flavored Mexican rice, instead of green rice, also goes well with this.

Story Behind this Recipe

This recipe is based on Chef Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken's dish,"Pollo Ciudad," served a The Border Grill restaurant in Los Angeles. I added the step of marinating the chicken to get rid of the gamey odor.