Stir Fried Chicken With Grainy Mustard and Soy Sauce

Stir Fried Chicken With Grainy Mustard and Soy Sauce

I used grainy mustard, which tends to last for a long time, as a cooking ingredient. It goes well with soy sauce, and this dish is done in no time. Great in bentos too.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Chicken breast (or thigh)
Red or yellow bell pepper
1 stalk
Green onions or scallions
Seasoning ingredients:
Salt and pepper
to taste
★Soy sauce
2 teaspoons
★Grainy mustard
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the celery and peppers into 5mm thick julienne. Cut the green onions into 4cm pieces. Slice the chicken breast meat into thin strips and season with salt and pepper. Combine the ★ ingredients.
2. If you slice the chicken against the grain, it won't get dried out and will taste good.
3. Heat up the oil in a frying pan. Stir fry the peppers and celery first and season with salt and pepper. After 2 minutes, add the chicken.
4. When the chicken is cooked through, add the green onion and the ★ ingredients. Shake the frying pan around, and when you hear popping noises turn the heat off.
5. Red bell peppers are packed with capsanthin, which has antioxidant properties, and helps to prevent the formation of melanin in your skin. So you're less likely to get age spots! It's an oil-soluble nutrient so eat it with oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like chicken breast meat and grainy mustard, so I use them together often. This chicken dish is well flavored and tastes great even when cold. It has lots of vegetables too so I pack it in my husband's bentos a lot too.