Just Marinate Garlic Soy Sauce

Just Marinate Garlic Soy Sauce

Use the microwave to easily peel the garlic bulbs, and you'll be able to remove the cloves ever so smoothly. These peeled garlic cloves come in handy when seasoning meat and much more.


Garlic (for peeling tips, refer to Recipe ID: 1849658)
2 bulbs
Soy sauce
300 ml


1. Chop off the bottom part of the garlic bulb.
2. Put the bulb in a microwave-safe container and microwave for 1 minute at 550 W (refer to Recipe ID: 1849658).
3. Squeeze the top part a little and the cloves will smoothly come right out.
4. The cloves come right out without a mess, so your hands won't be smelling like garlic.
5. Pour the soy sauce in a jar, add the garlic cloves, put the lid on, and store in the refrigerator.
6. Marinate for about a week, and it's ready.
7. Drizzle this garlic soy sauce on steaks, or use it with meat dishes such as this "Drumsticks & Hard Boiled Eggs" (Recipe ID: 1847696).
8. Or use it to season this "Yakitori Rice Bowl" (Recipe ID: 1876641).

Story Behind this Recipe

Use this sauce for karaage (fried chicken) marinade or add it to stir-fry dishes.