Low-Sugar Hiroshima Okonomiyaki with Okara & Bean Sprouts

Low-Sugar Hiroshima Okonomiyaki with Okara & Bean Sprouts

You will be satisfied with plenty of okara and bean sprouts.
Easy to make in a microwave and a frying pan. Mock Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.
1 serving contains 1.04 g of sugar.

Ingredients: 1 serving in a satisfying size

Fresh okara
60 g (0.24 g of sugar / 33 kcal)
1 plus 1 (0.4 g of sugar / 154 kcal)
a pinch
Bean sprouts
1 bag or 200 g (0.2 g of sugar / 22 kcal)
Bonito flakes
1 bag or 3 g (0 g of sugar / 11 kcal)
Meltable cheese
1 piece or 18 g (0.2 g of sugar / 49 kcal)
Pork (I used thinly sliced pork shoulder)
50 g (0 g of sugar / 113 kcal)
Toppings: bonito flakes, aonori, okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, etc.
to taste
Total: 1.04 g of sugar / 382 kcal


1. Use fresh okara as-is. If using dried okara, reconstitute it in water. I used the type of dried okara that has to be reconstituted in 5 times its amount of water. So I added 50 g of water to 10 g of dried okara.
2. (Start from this step if you're using fresh okara.) Add one of the eggs and the salt to the okara, and mix.
3. Line a large heatproof dish with a parchment sheet. Thinly spread about 3/4 of the dough from Step 2 in the dish.
4. Spread half of the bonito flakes, then half of the bean sprouts over the dough. Spread the rest of the bonito flakes and all of the cheese on top.
5. In the same way, top with the rest of the bean sprouts, then the sliced pork. Finally, spread the remaining dough all over the pork.
6. Microwave uncovered at 600 W for 4 minutes. Rotate the container 90 degrees, and microwave again for 4 minutes.
7. If it isn't cooked enough, cover with plastic wrap (so it will steam) and microwave a little at a time. I microwaved it for an additional 2 minutes when I made it with soy bean sprouts.
8. Add olive oil (not listed in the ingredients) to a heated frying pan, and crack the other egg into the pan. Break the yolk a little.
9. Slide a spatula under the parchment sheet from Step 6.
10. Flip it over quickly without hesitation onto the egg from Step 8, and attach the okonomiyaki to the egg. Turn off the heat when the egg is cooked as you like.
11. Remove the parchment sheet from the okonomiyaki, slide the spatula under the egg to release it from the frying pan. Invert a plate over the frying pan and flip the whole thing over to transfer the okonomiyaki to the plate.
12. For toppings, add bonito flakes, aonori, okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, etc.
13. I recommend using 50 percent reduced-calorie okonomiyaki sauce to keep the okonomiyaki low in sugar.
14. Okonomiyaki with soy bean sprouts is even more filling.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki using okara and cooking in a frying pan, but it didn't turn out well, as I wasn't used to making it. (I burnt the okonomiyaki while adding the ingredients on top, and had trouble flipping it.) So, I made the recipe easier by using a microwave.