Blueberry Cheese Mousse

Blueberry Cheese Mousse

I used plenty of blueberries to make this cheese mousse.

Ingredients: six cylinders, each 55 x 35 mm

Biscuit Joconde (Recipe ID: 1845386) for the base of these mousse cakes
6 slices cut out with a cercle
For the blueberry jelly:
Frozen blueberries
80 g (20 g x 4)
Granulated sugar
40 g
Lemon juice
10 g
10 g
Gelatin leaves
2 g
For the cheese mousse:
Cream cheese
60 g
Sour cream
50 g
Granulated sugar
30 g
Gelatin leaves
2 g
Double cream
100 g


1. Refer to Recipe ID: 1845386 and make the base. Cut out with a cercle or use any biscuit base you like.
2. Make the jelly. Soak the gelatin leaves in ice water. Put together all the ingredients and blend in a blender. Transfer the mixture into a sauce pan.
3. Bring to a boil and skim off any scum. Turn off the heat and add the gelatin.
4. Transfer the mixture into the mould. Freeze in a freezer.
5. For making the cheese mousse. Whip the cream until soft peaks form. Chill in the fridge.
6. Put the cream cheese and granulated sugar in a bowl and stir well. Soak the gelatin leaves in ice water.
7. Add the sour cream and stir well.
8. Put the soaked gelatin in a bowl with a small portion of Step 7. Melt the gelatin over a bain marie. Return this mixture to Step 7 and stir well.
9. Add the cream from Step 5 to Step 8 and stir well.
10. Put the Step 9 mixture into a piping bag and pipe the mixture into cercles up to about half. Smooth out the surface with a spoon.
11. Put the frozen jelly inside and press gently.
12. Pipe the cheese mousse on top and smooth out the surface. Place in the freezer to set.
13. After completely set, warm the outside of the cercles with your hands to slide them off of the mousse. Defrost in the fridge and give it some decorations.
14. Slice one open, and you'll see plenty of blueberry jelly inside.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up my frozen blueberries.