Cured Ham and Marscapone Spring Rolls

Cured Ham and Marscapone Spring Rolls

Cured ham and marscapone make a great combination! It's perfect with wine!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Cured ham
4 slices
Fresh spring roll wrappers
Mizuna greens
2 bunches
Mascarpone cheese
50 g
Krazy salt
to taste
Chili sauce
to taste


1. Wash the mizuna and cut into 3 cm lengths. Julienne the carrots.
2. Spray water on the spring roll wrappers and use parchment paper to blot excess water.
3. Top the part of the wrapper closest to you with the mizuna and carrots. Sprinkle Krazy Salt and lay pieces of mascapone cheese.
4. Wrap up the vegetables, top with ham, and wrap the remaining part of the wrapper.
5. Make four wraps, transfer to a dish, and serve. Finally, garnish with tomatoes and mizuna.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love marscapone cheese, so I tried matching it with cured ham.
It goes great with wine.