Wiener Sausages Cooked in 30 seconds

Wiener Sausages Cooked in 30 seconds

I thought wiener sausages had to be grilled, but I realised I could cook them easily in the microwave. It's great having not to bother with the frying pan.


Wiener sausage


1. Place the sliced sausage in a heatproof dish and microwave at 600 W for 30 seconds.
2. The sausage will burst or harden if you overheat it, so be careful.
3. If you are cooking a whole sausage as-is, make sure to make a few cuts in it with a knife. Keep an eye on it, and adjust the cooking time as necessary.

Story Behind this Recipe

I microwaved a frozen wiener sausage, made cuts in it with a knife, and then heated it once more. It tasted as if it had been grilled.

I wondered if I could do the same with sliced sausages which I usually cook in the frying pan, and gave it a go.