Kamaboko Fish Cake Roses in Cheese Chikuwa - A Charaben Side Dish

Kamaboko Fish Cake Roses in Cheese Chikuwa - A Charaben Side Dish

These are the perfect size to fill in the caps of your bento or charaben. They're delicious little morsels with cheese inside.

Ingredients: 6 pieces

12 1.5 mm thick slices
Snow peas
Processed cheese
2 slices
to taste


1. Briefly blanch the snow peas in hot water, then soak in cold water to fix the color.
2. Thoroughly dry the snow peas, then make four diagonal cuts. Cut the 3 middle sections into half to create diamond shapes.
3. Cut the processed cheese into 3 horizontal strips,then pile them up into a single stack and cut that into thirds.
4. Cut each chikuwa into 3 pieces.
5. Keep the kamaboko on the wood block and cut 1.5-2 mm slices. Remove from the wood block.
6. Once your ingredients are prepared, set them out. If you have some tweezers, they will come in handy. ♪
7. Tightly roll 1 slice of kamaboko, then place it on top of another slice.
8. Tightly roll the second slice of kamaboko around the first.
9. Twist the fish cakes into the hole of the chikuwa.
10. Set the diamond-cut snow peas into the chikuwa.
11. Put a little bit of mayonnaise inside of the other side of the chikuwa and stuff with cheese to finish.
12. They're really convenient for filling small gaps in a charaben.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up a good way to fill in the small gaps of my charaben!