Golden Consommé Soup with Vegetable Off-Cuts

Golden Consommé Soup with Vegetable Off-Cuts

Veggie broth is popular these days. Freeze all the veggie off-cuts and turn them into an golden authentic consommé soup! Delicious and cheap.


Poaching liquid from poached chicken
about 1-2 liters
Bay leaf
Lemon juice
a small amount
Salt and pepper
a small amount
about 1 ladleful
Vegetable off-cuts
two handfuls


1. Freeze your daily vegetable off-cuts in a zip-locked bag.
2. Add the off-cuts and the bay leaf in a bag made with non-woven material. Close the bag tightly.
3. Soak the bag in the poaching liquid. Simmer gently for roughly 20 minutes over just the right heat to slightly bubble the surface. (The scum will stick to the non-woven bag, so there's no need to remove the scum.)
4. The veggies will give out a nice flavor, turning the soup into this color.
5. Remove the bag. Filter the soup through a strainer. Season with sake, salt, and pepper. Add a tiny bit of lemon juice to finish.
6. Serve as it is or with some macaroni. I topped mine with a golden leaf to make it glamorous.
7. Here's the recipe for poached chicken (Recipe ID: 1818458).

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been freezing my veggie off-cuts hoping I could use them for something, and here's something amazing that I finally came up with! There's less trash if you simmer the veggies, and you'll end up with this delicious soup. Three birds with one stone.