Creamy Italian Parsley Dip

Creamy Italian Parsley Dip

I had great success growing Italian parsley.
This is a recipe that incorporates lots of parsley, allowing you to reap its health benefits.


Italian parsley
24 g
Hard-boiled eggs
Salt and pepper
a dash each
5 tablespoons
a small amount


1. I grew some wonderfully fragrant basil. It grows really quickly, so much so that I can eat it fresh on a daily basis.
2. Thoroughly rinse the parsley, then cut off the hard stems.
3. Place on top of a paper towel.
4. Dry well.
5. It's really important to dry it thoroughly.
6. Then weigh out your basil. This time, I had 24 g worth.
7. Put 3 hard-boiled eggs (need to be hard-boiled), salt, and black pepper into a food processor, and add a small amount of onion to enrich the taste of the finished dip.
8. Finely chop, using the pulse setting. Keep an eye on it as you go, and be sure to pulse - don't just switch the machine to 'on'.
9. Keep pulsing until the ingredients have been thoroughly combined.
10. Add the 5 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
11. And switch on! Leave to blend until it forms a smooth, creamy paste.
12. Put into a container, and top with fresh parsley leaves.
13. Try cutting baguettes into 1 cm thick slices, toasting until golden brown, and topping with a generous helping of this dip.

Story Behind this Recipe

I absolutely adore the scent of parsley, and I wanted to come up with a recipe in which I could use a lot of it.
Try adding this to tomato bruschetta to make it look even prettier.