Caramel Chocolate Baguette

Caramel Chocolate Baguette

The melted chocolate and walnuts blend together and make a sweet baguette.
If you thinly slice this and toast, they will be like rusks.

Ingredients: 1 baguette

All purpose flour (Type ER: Flour for bread)
130 g
2.4 g
85~90 ml
Homemade natural yeast starter
50 g
●Caramel chocolate chips
20 g
15 g
(If using dried yeast↓)
Dried yeast
a little less than 1/4 teaspoon
Malt powder
0.6 g


1. Combine the flour and salt, add the water and homemade natural yeast starter, and mix with a spatula until it's no longer floury.
2. Cover with cling film. After 30 minutes, punch down the dough. After another 30minutes, punch down the dough again. Allow to rest for the first proofing.
3. Fold up into thirds and leave to rest for 15~20 minutes.
4. Dust your working surface, place the dough, and roll in the ● ingredients and shape.
5. Roll it out to about 40 cm in length and place on a baking couche. Allow to rise for the second proofing.
6. Make slits on top and bake in a preheated oven to 250℃ for about 20 minutes.
7. This is with 98 g of water with sake lees yeast. The profile photo is a baguette with yogurt yeast and 97 g of water. I used 26 g of the natural yeast starter for both.
8. The amount of water is just a guideline, so adjust to your liking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't like caramel chocolate breads, but this caramel chocolate baguette was very popular, so I wanted to note it down.