Easy! Kabocha Squash Tart Cake Shop Style

Easy! Kabocha Squash Tart Cake Shop Style

This tart has a rich sweet taste like those you buy in a cake shop. It's an easy recipe with only 3 steps! The crispy dough is really tasty!

Ingredients: 1 18cm cake pan

Kabocha squash (boiled and mashed)
1/4 (400 g)
Heavy cream
200 ml
50 g
☆White flour
120 g
30 g
☆Egg yolk
60 g


1. Mix all the ingredients marked ☆ together and the tart dough is done! Grease the cake pan with butter and then add the dough.
2. Mix all the other ingredients together and pour into the pan!
3. Bake for 40 minutes in a 320°F/160°C oven and it's done. Remove from the pan when it has cooled.

Story Behind this Recipe

A long time ago, the wife of a farmer who my mother used to work for gave us this tart! It was so good that we asked for the recipe! It's so tasty that it makes a great present! You really can't fail with this. My friends loved this when I gave it to them as presents.