Okara and Tofu Nuggets

Okara and Tofu Nuggets

These are easy and healthy nuggets made with okara and tofu.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Silken tofu
300 g
Fresh okara
200 g
1 small
50 g
Krazy salt
to taste
Frying oil
as needed
to taste


1. Preparation: Grate the onion.
2. Mix the tofu, fresh okara, grated onion and katakuriko in a bowl.
3. Add the Krazy salt and mix well.
4. Roll into bite sized pieces, and deep-fry in hot oil to finish. Dip in ketchup and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

Someone asked me to post an okara recipe on my blog, so I came up with this.