How to Tear Lettuce to Make it Taste 10 Times Better

How to Tear Lettuce to Make it Taste 10 Times Better

Did you know that lettuce changes its taste with how it is torn up?
Even plain lettuce can be delicious!


Fresh lettuce
as needed


1. Hold the hard part of the lettuce leaf (the paler, thicker side) with your non-dominant hand. Pull it in the same direction as the veins, and it should tear perpendicular to them.
2. [How to tear the lettuce to make it taste 10 times better] Break the lettuce leaf apart by pulling it straight outwards in opposite directions. Do not tear it like you would tear a piece of paper.
3. This is how normal people tear the lettuce, but it's not the right way. This way leaves a thin membrane shown in the Step 4 picture.
4. If a thin membrane on the surface is left behind it will make the rest of the lettuce leaf taste bad.
5. Now you can make your usual lettuce 10 times more delicious. Enjoy salads with lettuce that's a lot tastier.
6. Please refer to "How to Remove the Core off Lettuce & How to Keep the Lettuce Fresh (Recipe ID: 1828388)" too.

Story Behind this Recipe

A chef taught me how to properly prepare great-tasting lettuce.