How to Remove the Stalk from Lettuce and Keep it Fresh

How to Remove the Stalk from Lettuce and Keep it Fresh

This is professional chefs' method and it is very quick. By removing the stalk, the lettuce will stops growing, to help it keep well and fresh without losing nutrition.


Kitchen paper
as required
Plastic bag
a suitable size to accomodate a head of lettuce


1. Hold the head of lettuce with the stalk side up.
2. With the side your wrist, give a sharp whack to the base of the stalk!
3. By doing so, the leaves will separate from the stalk. Hold the stalk between your fingers and twist.
4. The central stalk is now removed.
5. Wet a paper towel with water and lightly squeeze out the excess. Stuff the gap in the lettuce from the removed stalk with this damp ball. Put the lettuce into a plastic bag and store in the fridge. Remove outer leaves and use as you need.
6. Make delicious salads, using a crispy and fresh lettuce.
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Story Behind this Recipe

A professional chef taught me this method.