Matcha Jello

Matcha Jello

This jello has a strong matcha aroma and a melting texture that's absolutely tempting. For all matcha lovers.


1 teaspoon
200 ml
40 g
[A] Gelatin powder
5 g
Hot water
50 ml
Non-dairy creamer or fresh cream
As needed


1. Pour water into a pot and heat. Add sugar and stir until it's dissolved completely.
2. When the sugar is dissolved, soak a strainer in the pot and stir-in the matcha.
3. Add gelatin to hot water and dissolve well.
4. Pour into a bowl.
5. Add melted gelatin and let the bowl rest in ice water. Stir as it cools.
6. Pour into a container and chill to harden.
7. Poke air pockets into the corners of the hardened jello. Cut into bite-sizes, and scoop out as you add a modest amount of water. Serve.
8. Pour non-dairy creamer on top and enjoy. It's even better with fresh cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like what they serve at that famous place in Kyoto, and I wanted to make it myself. I guess that's my story.