Charaben Wiener Sausage and Chikuwa Snails

Charaben Wiener Sausage and Chikuwa Snails

They're cute little snails for a bento or as a side dishl!

Ingredients: 4 small snails

Weiner sausages
Sliced cheese, nori seaweed
as needed


1. Cut the chikuwa into four equally sized long strips. Cut each sausage into two, on the diagonal. Prepare the eyes using cheese and nori.
2. First, boil the sausages until they curl up a bit. You can attach their eyes after you boil the sausages.
3. Roll up the chikuwa strips and secure with picks.
4. Attach a sausage under each chikuwa roll. Adjust the positioning to your liking.
5. I baked these in the toaster.
6. Finally, add an eye to just one side each. They're done! You can stick them in a bento or serve them up as a side dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

The story is that I wanted to make some cute, easy, and easy-to-eat snails out of the items I had on hand for my child's bento lunchbox.
I'd been using these snails from some time ago, but my child had been eating these up so happily that I thought I should upload the recipe!