How to Cook Moist Chicken Breasts

How to Cook Moist Chicken Breasts

Just let it sit after it's boiled! Remember these tips, and you can make easy and moist chicken breasts any time. It's really versatile, as you can use it in a sandwich or with chilled Chinese noodles!


Chicken breast
1% salt water (brine)
1 liter


1. If your chicken breast is large, make slits on the thick parts to even the slice.
2. Prepare 1% salt water in a pan. Place the chicken inside with the skin side facing up. Cover the pan and turn the heat on. When it boils, turn the heat off immediately.
3. Let the chicken soak in the water until it cools down completely and it's done.
4. For mock Singapore chicken rice using this moist chicken (Recipe ID: 1798699).

Story Behind this Recipe

Because of how the chicken appears in the pan, my family calls this "floating chicken."