Chicken Confit Using a Rice Cooker

Chicken Confit Using a Rice Cooker

Make this moist confit of chicken using a rice cooker. This chicken has a nice fragrance of rosemary and olive oil, and it can keep for a while in the refrigerator.


Chicken breast meat (or thigh meat)
1.5~2% of chicken weight
1 sprig
★Thyme (or bay leaf, etc.)
as needed
★Black pepper
as needed
Olive oil
to cover the chicken (100-150 g)


1. [Seasoning] Cut the chicken in half, and season with the ★ ingredients.
2. Put the chicken in a ziplock bag, and rest in the refrigerator overnight (more than 8 hours).
3. Take the chicken out of the refrigerator, and let it sit in room temperature for 30 minutes.
4. Meanwhile, fill the rice cooker with boiling water up to 3 cup line. Leave the lid open for 10 minutes to lower the water temperature to around 70℃.
5. [Confit] Pour olive oil into the ziplock bag to cover all the chickens, and seal the bag tightly letting the air out.
6. If you have time, get all the air out of the bag by following step 7 (doing this will require using less olive oil)
7. Close the bag leaving a small opening, stick a plastic straw in the bag and suck all the air out to make it airtight.
8. The picture on step 7 shows the bag on the table, but make sure you are holding the bag and suck the air at top of the bag.
9. Put the bag of chicken into the rice cooker, close the lid, and set the warm function for 3 hours.
10. Take the bag out of the rice cooker, cool for a bit, and rest in the refrigerator for half a day. It keeps for about a week.
11. Slice to any thickness you like and enjoy. It will be delicious if you drizzle the herb oil it was cooked in over the chicken.
12. You can use herb mix or herb salt if you don't have any fresh herbs.
13. [Ethnic Chicken Rice Bowl] Stir-fry the bok choy with fish sauce and oyster sauce, and serve over rice with sliced onions and the chicken.

Story Behind this Recipe

Confit is a cooking method where you cook something in oil on low heat for a long time, so the meat is moist and can be preserved for longer. But it's difficult to maintain the low heat and use a large amount of oil. The warm function of rice cooker is perfect for maintaining low heat for a long time.