Low-Cost, Healthy Daikon Radish Diet

Low-Cost, Healthy Daikon Radish Diet

You'll be certain to lose weight by eating this three times a day before meals. Beat the summer heat with vinegar while losing weight in a healthy way!


Daikon radish
1/2 radish per day
1/2 teaspoon
Umami seasoning
1/2 teaspoon
Oyster-flavored soy sauce
100 ml
Apple cider vinegar
50 ml
1 cup (200 ml)


1. Grate the daikon radish.
2. Drain the moisture by squeezing it out until it's completely dry so that it will absorb lots of vinegar soy sauce.
3. Combine the vinegar soy sauce ingredients and add to the grated daikon, allowing it to absorb as much as it can.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried this for one month while eating whatever I wanted and lost 3 kg.