Hoshino Natural Leaven Starter

Hoshino Natural Leaven Starter

This ratio of 1 part yeast to1.5 parts water is used at a popular bakery.
It's made the same way as the standard ratio.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount [I use 1.5 times the amount of ingredients]

1.5 parts water to 1 part natural leaven
Hoshino Natural Leaven (Tanzawa yeast)
50 g (100 g)
Lukewarm water (30℃)
75 g (150 g)
Standard ratio (2 parts water to 1 part natural leaven)
Hoshino Natural Leaven (Tanzawa yeast)
50 g (100 g)
Lukewarm water (30℃)
100 g (200 g)


1. Your utensils and bowls should be sterilized by boiling them in hot water. You should also prepare a clean jar or container for storing the leaven. Measure out the ingredients and combine with a spatula or spoon.
2. At first, it should appear crumbly (with 50 g leaven and 75 g water.)
3. Wrap the jar in plastic wrap, secure with a rubber band, and poke 5-6 holes in the wrap with a toothpick.
4. After a full 24 hours at a room temperature of 25℃, it should smell fermented.
5. After a day and 1/2 or 2 days, the bubbles should reduce in size. If it tastes bitter like beer, it's done.
6. The starter can now be used, but it stabilizes better if left overnight in the refrigerator.
7. The completed starter will continue to ferment, so be sure to store it in the refrigerator. It should be used up within 2 weeks.
8. Here's a recipe for an oval-shaped pain de campagne (Recipe ID: 1812805). And one for a pain de campagne using Lys d'Or Campagne (Recipe ID: 1830356), which also uses a ratio of 1.5 times the amount of water to natural leaven.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned that a certain famous bakery uses this ratio of 1.5 parts water to 1 part natural leaven, so I've been using that ratio ever since.
Since I love the fragrance of Hoshino natural leaven, I use a ratio of 1.5 part water to 1 part leaven, which I think makes it more pronounced.