Easy and Delicious! Instant Iced Cafe au Lait

Easy and Delicious! Instant Iced Cafe au Lait

Prepare a delicious glass of iced cafe au lait with instant coffee!

Ingredients: 1 glass (300 ml) worth

Instant coffee
1 spoonful (or as much as you like)
8/10 of a glass worth
Water (or hot water)
a small amount
150 ml


1. Put the spoonful of instant coffee into the glass. (Adjust the amount to your liking.)
2. Dissolve the coffee in a little water or hot water.
3. Fill the glass 80% full with ice. Mix it well with a cocktail stirrer.
4. Mix until the ice starts to melt, the glass becomes well-chilled and condensation starts to appear.
5. Add the milk and it's done!
6. [Extra step] If you shake the milk carton before pouring into the glass,
7. You'll get a frothy cafe au lait with a creamy texture.

Story Behind this Recipe

An award-winning bartender once taught me how to make a delicious whisky and soda. I applied the same techniques to a cafe au lait made with instant coffee, and it was really tasty.