California Rolls with Avocado and Crab

California Rolls with Avocado and Crab

In this recipe, crab sticks are used to replace crab meat. Make these easy sushi rolls with fillings of your choice!!


Sushi rice
As needed
3 slices per roll
Crab sticks
3 sticks per roll
Shiso leaves (butterhead lettuce, arugula, lettuce, etc.)
2 leaves per roll
to taste
Toasted nori seaweed
1 sheet per roll
Ground white sesame seeds
to taste
Flying fish roe (if available)
A small amount


1. On a sushi rolling mat, lay a sheet of nori seaweed and a thin layer of sushi rice, leaving about 1.5cm border on the top end of the seaweed. Sprinkle some sesame seeds over the sushi rice evenly.
2. Put a piece of plastic wrap on top and lightly press down. Lift up the sushi rolling mat and flip it over.
3. From the bottom, the layers should consist of sushi rolling mat, plastic wrap, sushi rice, and seaweed. Put shiso leaves, avocado slices, crab sticks and some mayonnaise in the center of the seaweed.
4. Lift the bottom end of the plastic wrap and sushi rolling mat and roll it up towards the top end (towards the crab sticks).
5. Pack the ingredients tightly like when making rice balls. Otherwise, the ingredients will fall apart when cutting the sushi roll. Adjust the position of the roll using the rolling mat as you roll it up.
6. Alternatively, you can hold the roll with both hands and adjust the shape while turning it in the same direction as rolled.
7. [Flying fish roe version] After sprinkling the sesame seeds in Step 1, put the flying fish roe making a rectangle shape in the center. Cover with a plastic wrap and lightly press down. Follow the rest of the steps.
8. To prevent sushi rice from sticking to the knife when cutting the rolls, moisten the knife with a paper towel containing some vinegar (not listed in the ingredients) before each cut.
9. With the plastic wrap on, cut the roll in half and cut each half into 3 pieces. This will help you cut all sushi pieces in the same size. One sushi roll is cut into 6 pieces.
10. It tastes better when avocado is cut into thick wedges. To prevent discoloration, drizzle lemon juice (not listed in the ingredients) over the avocado wedges.
11. 3 rice cooker cups of sushi rice will make about [2 (thick) California rolls, 2 thin rolls, and 10 pieces of inarizushi].

Story Behind this Recipe

Made some easy sushi rolls with ingredients on hand. I always like to make a combination of these sushi rolls and inarizushi.