Seasonal Tarts

Seasonal Tarts

I filled rich butter and almon tart crusts with custard, fresh cream and lots of seasonal fruit.

Ingredients: Makes around 8, 6 cm-sized tarts

Basic Tart Dough (Recipe ID: 1810085)
For the Almond Cream:
Unsalted butter
50 g
40 g
Whole egg
50 g
Almond flour
50 g
Custard Cream (Recipe ID: 1748743)
Heavy cream


1. Make the almond cream. Add the sugar to the softened butter, and mix well until the mixture lightens in colour.
2. Add the egg in batches, and mix well after each addition.
3. Add the almond flour, and mix.
4. Roll the tart dough out to around 3mm thick, and poke holes in the bottom of the crust with a fork.
5. Gently lay the rolled out dough over the tart tins.
6. Roll a rolling pin over the top of the tins to cut the dough.
7. Press the dough into the edges of the tin with the flat part of your thumb.
8. Squeeze the almond cream from step 3 into the shells until about 70% full, then bake in a 180℃ oven for about 15 minutes.
9. Once they have finished baking and have cooled, remove the tarts from the tins and squeeze some custard cream on top.
10. Decorate with fruit and heavy cream.

Story Behind this Recipe

The tart dough and almond cream are the foundation of the tarts, and you can have fun with decorating them seasonally.